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Elsberry High School

"Mission: To engage and prepare every student for a successful lifetime of learning and service."


Elsberry High School’s October Student of the Month is Jack Weakly. He is a member of the senior class and is the son of Marvin and Lynn Weakly. His favorite subjects in school include science and math. Weakly is involved in several extracurricular activities: NHS,

MOYIG, cross country, academic team, and student senate. He also participates in the Lincoln County D.A.R.E. camp program. Weakley has received a number one rating at state music, twice and also been a state qualifier for cross country. You can find him reading or playing guitar in his free time. After graduation, Jack plans to attend college.

Teacher Talk

Matthew Easley, Social Studies teacher at EHS has 13 years experience in the classroom, with four of those being at his current position. He enjoys teaching American Government, American Civil War, ...more

senior spotlight oct.jpg

Hallie VomBey

 Occupation- Employee at Rockin Jump

 Most Prized possession- My Pomeranian named Bitty

 Best Word to describe me- Liberal

 I would give anything to meet- Ellen DeGeneres

 Proudest accomplishment- Going viral

 What is your lifelong dream?- have a big family and live in Canada

 Personal Hero – Amanda Hogarth

 Dream Car- Mini Cooper

 Favorite Junk Food- Dill pickle chips

 Favorite movie- Juno


Trey Towle

 Most prized possession- My PlayStation

 Dream Car- ‘69 Camaro

 Favorite junk food- Doritos

 Pet Peeve- weird textures

 Favorite TV show- American Horror Story

 Personal hero- Eminem

 The best person to star in a movie about me- Ben Affleck

 If you could be anywhere in it would be - California

 Future plans- to attend college

 Favorite spot to hang out- my bedroom


Tyler Cox

 Future plans- major in psychology and minor in criminology at Quincy University. I want

to obtain my PsyD in clinical psychology and a doctorate in forensic psychology with a

focus in sexual and domestic abuse victims.

 My fellow classmates think- “Tyler is the sassiest person I know.”- Hannah Barber

 I would have given anything to have met- Laverne Cox

 The best word to describe me- opinionated

 Personal Hero- my mom Stacey Cox

 If you could be anywhere in the world where would it be?- Los Angeles

 Favorite Song- “Florida Kilos” by Lana Del Rey

 Favorite Movie- The Help

 What is your lifelong dream?- To adopt 4 kids and live just outside Los Angeles

 Most people are surprised when I tell them- I’m a Hillary supporter


Lianna Neal

 If you could be anywhere in the world where would it be?- Los Angeles with Tyler Cox.

 Favorite Song- “From the Ground Up”

 Favorite Movie- Burlesque

 Pet Peeve- People chewing with their mouths open

 Favorite TV show- Once Upon a Time.

 Personal Hero- My grandpa Farren

 Best word to describe me- Artistic

 I would give anything to meet - Johnny Depp

 Most people are surprised when I tell them I have 6 sisters.


Megan Henry

 If you could be anywhere else in the world where would it be?- Australia

 Favorite song- “Flex” by Fifth Harmony

 Favorite Junk Food- Pizza

 Favorite tv show- The Vampire Diaries

 Worst Feature- My procrastination

 Proudest Accomplishment- Being selected for Girl’s State

 Personal Hero- My mom

 What have you learned in life?- Don’t take things for granted.

 Favorite Book- The Great Gatsby

 Favorite Movie- Any Harry Potter movie


Julia Vaughn

 Occupation- waitress at Stefanina’s

 Most Prized possession- A necklace from my grandma

 Dream Car- A white jeep

 Favorite junk food- chocolate

 Favorite tv show- Pretty Little Liars

 Personal Hero- mom

 Future plans- Go to MSU & major in biology

 Favorite Book- The Fault in Our Stars

 I would give anything to meet- Justin Bieber

 The Best person to star in a movie about me is- Sydney Pickard

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