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Elsberry High School

"Mission: To engage and prepare every student for a successful lifetime of learning and service."

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New Handbook Policies

First: The school day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday has been extended an additional nine minutes. Dismissal will be at 3:01 PM. Also, we will no longer have a late start on Wednesday. On Wednesday  we will dismiss at 1:59 PM.  School will start at 8:10 every day of the week. 

Bell schedules and end time for school
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday        Wednesday
1st Hour         8:10-8:58        1st Period     8:10-8:53
2nd Hour        9:02-9:50        2nd Period    8:57-9:40
3rd Hour         9:54-10:42      3rd Period     9:44-10:27
Advisory      10:46-11:09       5th Period    10:31-11:14
5th Hour       11:13-12:01      6th Period     11:18-12:01
Lunch          12:05-12:25       Lunch         12:05-12:25
6th Hour        12:29-1:17      7th Period    12:29-1:12
7th Hour        1:21-2:09        8th Period    1:16-1:59
8th Hour        2:13-3:01        Note: No advisory

Second: The attendance policy has been changed. 
Eighth absence per semester: The student and parents will be informed that the student has been placed on probation status and that no credit may be assigned in that class if the student misses one more time. The student can make up additional absences by attending Saturday detention and or after school detention on a 1:1 ratio. For example: if a student misses first period 9 times they must make up one hour during out of school detention. If a student misses 9 days (all 7 academic periods) they must make up 7 hours during out of school detentions. Failure to make up time will result in receiving no credit. No credit will be indicated on the student’s report card and subsequently no credit will be recorded on the permanent transcript. 

No credit appeal: The student must notify the principal of their intent to appeal their no credit status before the end of the semester. An appeals committee will be formed by the principal consisting of the principal and up to four faculty members. The committee and the student will meet within 10 days after the end of the semester. The student is advised that the parent/guardian should be present at the meeting. The student will be responsible to present all information to justify why credit should be awarded. If semester credit is denied the parents may appeal to the superintendent by scheduling a meeting within five days of the decision.  

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