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Elsberry High School

"Mission: To engage and prepare every student for a successful lifetime of learning and service."

NJHS Induction

The Elsberry National Honor Society inducted new members on Wednesday, February 15th in the High School Library. Inductees are this year were: Trevor Anthony, Lauryn Eberhart, Eva Gladney, Megan Hagemeier, Garret Hall, Clare Henry, Josie Horne, Harmon Kreuger, Kara Lovelace, Nathan Miller, Jaime Richards, Nick Stone, Carson Trammell, Juan Valencia, Tess Weakly, Carolyn Wehmeyer, Nate Williams, and Megan Wollgast. The criteria for becoming a new member is to maintain a 3.5 GPA for three consecutive semesters and uphold this scholarship for the rest of their academic career. Inductees were welcomed by friends and family. Congratulations new members!

Our caps

The Friends of Elsberry Literacy organization believes that it is important for kids to read, to help their effort to purchase books for Elsberry School District students, they have signed up for the “Our Caps, Your Cause” fundraising campaign through Prairie Farms. It is simple to be involved, just purchase a gallon of Prairie Farms Milk and send the cap to school with a student, Karin Busiere, high school librarian will take care of the rest. She added, “The community is fantastic about supporting the school district and I hope this will be one more way they can assist with educating our children.” If children bring caps in by Feb. 10 there is a small incentive available.

School Play

Mark your calendars for April 27, 28, and 29 for Elsberry High School’s annual play performance. “The Mysterious Mansion of Mr. Uno” will be this year’s production by students.This play is about six guests. Mr. Uno the man who owns the mansion ends up dead and characters begin dying and nobody knows who is doing it. This play is the spinoff of the movie and board game Clue. Mrs. Harman, English teacher, is directing the play along with student directors, Jordan Oliver and Sydney Pickard.

High School Play

Help us solve the mystery of the Murderous Mansion of Mr. Uno Friday or Saturday night. General Admission tickets are $5 and Dinner Theatre tickets are $15. Please contact Carolyn Harman with any questions. charman@elsberry.k12.mo.us


senior spotlight

Name: Gabrielle Hays

Occupation: Nursing Home (cook, aide)

Most Prized Possession: A teacup from my best friend, Joel

Dream Car: Flintstone’s Car / no gas plus great Cardio

Favorite Junk Food: Deep fried Twinkies wrapped in bacon

Favorite TV Show: The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

Personal Hero: Martha Stewart (she’s friends with Snoop)

Favorite Song: Nothin’ but a G-Thang by Snoop Dogg w/ Dr. Dre

Future Plans: go to Cottey College for Psychology and Art

Favorite Book: Joel Kopecky’s diary

Favorite Spot To Hang Out: The Library


Name: Louie Lovelace

Most Prized Possession: My trilobite collection

Favorite Song: “Baby” by Justin Bieber

Dream Car: Chevy Camaro

Favorite Movie: Twilight

Favorite Junk Food: Pop Rocks and Pepsi

Favorite TV Show: Hannah Montana - I cried when it was cancelled

Best/Worst Feature: Striking Out with the ladies

Personal Hero: Bill Nye

I Would Have Given Anything To Have Met: T-Rex

Most People Are Surprised When I Tell Them: I’m Single


Name: Joy Berardino

Most Prized Possession: Coffee Cup

Dream Car: Bulldozer

Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump

Favorite Junk Food: Skittles

Favorite TV Show: Criminal Minds

Personal Hero: Mrs. Head

Future Plans: To continue my education

Favorite Book: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Most People Are Surprised When I Tell Them: Anything (I’m a very quiet person)

Favorite Spot To Hang Out: The Art Room


Name: Charles Chatman

If You Could Be Anywhere In The World Where Would It Be?: Los Angeles

Favorite Song:” Make Up Your mind” by R.I Wavey and Trey Da White

Favorite Movie: Love and Basketball

Favorite Junk Food: Pizza

Pet Peeve: Chewing with mouth open

Proudest Accomplishment: Finishing High school

Favorite Memory in Life: Shooting my first basket

Personal Hero: Russell WestBrook

My Fellow Classmates Think: I’m Funny

Favorite Spot To Hang Out: IGA parking lot

High School Calendar


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This group of young students also received a 1 (Exemplary) Rating at the Central Methodist University Music Festival this past Friday.

The Elsberry High School Choir, under the direction of Rebecca Shroyer, has been chosen to sing the National Anthem on Saturday March 11 in Columbia before three High School Basketball Championship games.  The choir will perform at the 4:30, 6:20, and 8:10pm games

Members of the choir are (from left to right) Emily Schreiber, Brittney Taubig, Aidan Miller, Nathan Miller, Bre Taubig, Lyman Heras, Emily Braden, and Leora Marshall.